It should not come as a surprise if you need a quiet RV generator; it’s a dire necessity if you rely on generators to power the electrical needs of your RV’s appliances. They’ll always demand energy, or else they’ll shut down.

Therefore, it’s understandable that you want tranquility as a different quality without compromising the power output of the generator. 

So, is there any way for you to know about super quiet RV generators?

Maybe, reading this article can help you. We’ve picked up some well-known generators and tested them to see if they have any value other than “quietness.”

To do so, we also paid attention to the real-time experiences of users. However, for the purpose and scope of this review, we will not be digging deep into the control panels and connections of these generators.

Best Quiet generator for RV

Our review will mainly cover the noise level, compactness, and overall performance of the generator without caring much about the performance complexities of these quiet camping generators. Now, let’s go through this article to understand more about it.

1. Champion Power Equipment 200986, 4500-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

  Champion 4500
Champion 4500

Out of the box, this 4500 watts generator from Champions looks nice. It’s solidly built and starts up quickly. This quiet RV generator can run alternatively on LPG and gasoline. 

It can run nearly every RV appliance without a problem. All you have to do is connect an appliance to its 15 amp outlet.

Its noise levels are not so astonishing but are compromised. With no load, the noise level is at or below 68 dB. However, it can reach up to 77 dB when it’s fully loaded. So, this generator is not as quiet as claimed by the company. 

Its 53 dB quietness claims should not fool you. Sometimes, its noise can be a pain in the ass, especially if you’re standing close to it.

If you’re frequently experiencing power outages, this generator is a life-saver. However, some people complain about its smaller wheels. Wheel-size is okay if you have to move it along the pavement. But on a rough surface, you wish it had got some bigger wheels.


  • This quiet RV generator is a complete package of performance, durability, and portability.
  • Good as an emergency power backup.


  • The wheel size is a bit smaller.

2. Westinghouse iGen4500 Inverter Generator for RV

Westinghouse iGen 4500
Westinghouse iGen 4500

The quietest of all these RV generators is the Westinghouse iGen4500 generator. Its lowest noise level and refreshing performance are simply amazing.

This generator, with 2200 watts and 2500 peak watts, provides you with the ultimate comfort. It can also be operated in parallel.

Performance? The manufacturer does an excellent job, but you will also need some luck.

Overall, the product is sturdy, starts up quickly, and does not die.

There are many different evaluations of the performance of generators. For example, those who have had pleasant experiences find them very useful in emergencies.

However, those who had unpleasant experiences are based on the user’s familiarity with the machine. If the generator does not work, the incubator needs to be cleaned first.

Despite these inconveniences, the quiet RV generator also comes with a three-year warranty. If you feel like you’ve been spellbound, go ahead and get one. You won’t lose any of your money.


  • It’s sturdy and compact.
  • It’s an excellent quiet Rv generator.
  • It has excellent durability.
  • A three-year warranty adds more value.


  • Its performance is not consistent.

3. WEN 56235i, 2350-Watt Quiet Generator for Camping

Quiet RV Generator
Quiet RV Generator

Are you already beginning to like WEN generators? Would you prefer to have more power outages?

Don’t worry. We have the quietest generators from WEN, and they can have output ranges of 3800, 4000, 6250, and 8750. In other words, you can get the one that suits your demand.

It’s also very affordable. Its rugged construction and inverter technology make it perfect for spending hours outside your RV. However, don’t complain about the noise if you overload it.

Once we’ve finished our review of the generator’s sound, it’s time to talk about the rest of this generator’s features.

This quiet RV generator comes with everything you need. Also, this generator is environmentally friendly. For example, not only is it less noisy, but its heavy-duty drainage hose prevents oil contamination.

There is no doubt about the performance of this inverter generator. You won’t feel the need to consult customer support. But if you do consult them, they will help you.

Are there any disadvantages? Yes, there is.

Electric start is something that rarely works. A manual pull-start can be expected.


  • It offers remarkable quietness.
  • The performance is exceptional.
  • Its compactness results in portability.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • The electric start might not work.

4. WEN 56380i as Quiet Generator for Camping

WEN 56380i as Quiet Generator
WEN 56380i as Quiet Generator

Need a quiet generator with power output below 2500 watts? You don’t need to spend a hefty amount of money. Instead, go for this ultra-quiet camping generator from WEN.

This generator produces an almost unobtrusive sound. However, it’ll scream when it is overloaded.

If you are concerned about your energy consumption, give this a try.  Let’s take a look at what else this generator offers.

It is very easy to operate. However, make sure to order a drain plug and spark plug along with the generator. In that way, you can run it as soon as you receive it.

It also works amazingly well if you have already stored the product for many months. It doesn’t require any effort to “pull.”

At a price that is 50% less than any expensive top-of-the-line generator, this generator is unbelievable. The quietness of this generator is also astounding. In the end, this generator works best with quality fuel and on a lower load.


  • The excellent performance
  • It is compact.
  • It’s quiet.


  • It can be noisy under overload.

5. BILT HARD 4000W as the Best Quiet RV Generator 

Quiet Inverter Generator 4000
Quiet Inverter Generator 4000

The BILT hard inverter generator is an inexpensive solution for most of RV’s needs. In addition, it offers cleaner electrical power to run your intricate RV appliances.

The generator is fairly quiet even before you switch to the Eco mode it offers. It comes with a small toolkit to help you get it set up. It’s also lightweight and portable. Setup requires a few minutes and is hassle-free.

This quiet RV generator is gas-powered, and you need to run it once every 90 days for a few minutes. If you don’t do this, you’ll end up voiding the warranty. You also need to add a fuel stabilizer to experience the smoothness of operations.

It comes with a charging cable for your RV’s power outlet. It produces a noise of 47 dB when measured standing next to it. We measured a decibel level of about 68 inside the house with the unit placed 20 feet away from the door. However, it can be a little noisy when overloaded.


  • It’s inexpensive and provides clean electricity at the same time.
  • Comes with an Eco mode with less noise
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Includes a power cable with the box


  • You need to run it once every 90 days

6. CHAMPION POWER EQUIPMENT 4000-Watt Quiet Inverter Generator for Camping RV 

Inverter Generator for RV
CHAMPION Inverter Generator for RV

Aimed at meeting all the energy needs of an RV, this is one of the best RV generators in the world. It comes with eight differing purchasing options of up to 8750 watts.

First of all, it is lightweight. It is also quieter. You can’t go wrong with a Champion generator. It’s only after buying one that you come to know how Champion Generators lower the noise level. That said, you will not be left with false promises. It’s where the real goodness is.

In our opinion, cutting the noise of a regular generator by 50% is very attractive to those who need a lower noise generator.

What is even more exciting is that the noise level is stated to be up to 64 DB. However, please do not compare it to Honda’s very expensive generators.

Now let’s talk about the best qualities of this quiet RV generator. Want to know if it’s portable? Yes, not only is it light in weight, but its compactness is great as well.

When you receive the generator, the first thing you need to do is to assemble it. It should take about 15 minutes to assemble.

But why do you need a quiet generator after all? Is it for peace of mind?

Another peaceful experience awaits you when you use a Champion generator, which comes with a three-year warranty and helpful customer support. They offer amazing value. A complete package, right?

Secondly, it is easy to operate. It is easy to run the generator. However, the remote start button may not work, and you will have to turn the generator on and off manually.


  • Offers a great performance with incredible smoothness of operations
  • It’s compact and portable.
  • It’s nearly silent.
  • Comes with a comprehensive three-year warranty


  • Carbs might leak sometimes.

7. Honda EU2200ITAG, 2200-Watt 120-Volt Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

  Honda  Portable Inverter Generator
Honda Portable Inverter Generator

This generator from Honda includes state-of-the-art functionality. It can power anything in your house, not to speak of delicate RV appliances.

This generator comes with a Honda My Generator app that can run on any smartphone. The app provides its users with matchless comfort and ease of operations. Some of the app’s functionalities include wireless stops, operational monitoring, and service reminders. This app uses Bluetooth technology to connect with the generator.

This generator has been designed to provide an easy startup. It’s also fuel-efficient and runs for up to 8 hours on a gallon of fuel. This generator also comes with parallel compatibility, meaning that you can run and connect two generators of this model to cater to your power needs.

There’s a “fuel shut-off” position available in the generator. This facility allows the engine to run until most or all of the fuel in the carburetor is consumed. This position helps reduce fuel stalling issues and also in times when you need to store the generator.

This engine is quiet, with decibel levels ranging from 48 to 57 based on load. It’s lightweight and compact and also comes with a three-year residential or commercial warranty.

It can power sensitive equipment, thanks to its clean electricity. It also includes a carbon monoxide detection system that shuts the generator off once CO levels reach a threshold.



  • It comes with a fully functional smartphone app.
  • It provides great fuel efficiency.
  • Includes a CO detection system.
  • Noise levels are quite low.


  • It’s comparatively expensive.

8. Pulsar G450RN, 4500W Portable Inverter Generator

Pulsar 4500W Inverter Generator
Pulsar 4500W Inverter Generator

This generator from Pulsar is a complete value-for-money package but not a quiet Rv generator. Then, why on our list?

One of the top reasons why you should buy this generator is the availability of spare parts. Pulsar is a household brand in the USA, and its product parts are carried in many major stores in the US.

But its noise levels are not as good as those offered by some of its competitors like Honda. There’s an additional dynamo whine coupled with the sound of the gas engine.

The sound gets louder as you increase the load on the generator. However, we cannot say that it’s not a relatively quiet generator, especially when we run it on a lower load. 

Some users have told us that the sound diminishes after about a couple of months. We’ve never heard anything like that before. Generally, generators are in the habit of getting louder over time. So this generator seems to be a rare exception in this regard.

This generator requires a break-in period like its counterparts. If you immediately put a heavy load on the generator after pulling it out of the box, it bogs down. You can expect it from any generator that hasn’t been broken in.

While the weight of this generator is comparatively less, it’s not compact enough to offer great portability. So, might find it difficult to handle the generator.


  • Provides great efficiency.
  • Spare parts are easily available.
  • It’s lightweight..


  • It’s not compact, so the portability is not great.

Final Thoughts

RV living and camping always require the perfect power backup. However, the kind of restlessness that many generators cause is not always acceptable.

On the other hand, a quiet RV generator will allow you to go about your daily life without disruption. However, you should buy an unobtrusive generator for your RV needs. 

You should also not expect to come across a silent generator because no such thing exists, at least in present days. You can choose any from our reviewed generator. Let’s know which generator can be your best noiseless RV Generator by commenting below.

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