Are you searching for an RV coffee maker that is matchless for its construction, longevity, performance, and user interface? The good news is, your quest is over now. 

How? Our coffee experts have reviewed the top coffee makers for RVs. 

So what to do now? Give a 10 mins read to get closer to your dream coffee maker. Here we come!

RV Coffee Maker for RV

1. The Keurig K-Mini Plus as the Best RV Coffee Maker for Single

best RV coffee maker

The Keurig K-Mini Plus Maker is one of the easiest-to-use options we’ve seen so far, making it a prime candidate for the best coffee maker for RV owners. Just fill the water tank with fresh water, add your favorite K-cup coffee pod, and press the “on” button on top.

The strength of the coffee can be adjusted by pressing the “strong” button. At 12″ tall and 4.5″ wide, this small single-serve coffee maker can be stored in a small space when not in use.

It has a back storage compartment that can hold up to 9 coffee pods. Besides this, it allows you to use a K-cup reusable coffee filter. So, you can add your favorite coffee grounds if you like.

While the machine is perfect for solo travelers, it’s not practical for large families or a large group of travelers. The reason is, you’ll need to refill the water every time you brew, as the water reservoir is tiny and can hold water for a single cup.


  • It is easy to use.
  • The RV coffee maker supports k-cup coffee pods.
  • It features adjustable brew strength.
  • It has a detachable drip tray.


  • It’s a single-serve RV coffee maker, not suitable for multiple traveler

2. Cuisinart DCC-450BK as the Best Coffee Maker for RV for Small Family

rv coffee pot
rv coffee pot

Cuisinart is one of the most reputed names in kitchen appliances and has been around for a long time. So it’s no surprise that they are also focusing on the field of RV coffee makers.

This product from Cuisinart is a drip-style RV coffee maker specifically designed to allow for brewing up to four cups of coffee at a time. Owing to its performance, it’s an impressive addition to a small coffee-loving family.

The stainless steel carafe has an ergonomically designed comfortable handle and a dripless pour spout to prevent unpleasant spills and stains. Likewise, the DCC-450BK also has a special brew-pause function that allows you to reach for your cup in the middle of the brew cycle without worrying about spilled coffee boiling over on the hot plate.

The 30-minute auto shut-off feature also prevents the coffee in the carafe from over-simmering and becoming bitter. Besides these, it’s one of the most durable and well-designed RV coffee makers on the market.


  • It takes minimal space on your RV kitchen counter.
  • It comes with a brew-pause functionality, allowing you to grab a quick cup of coffee.
  • The machine has an automatic shut-off feature.
  • It features a stainless steel carafe.


  • The power cable is short.

3. Grind and Brew 10-Cup Automatic RV Coffee Machine

RV Coffee
RV Coffee

With this coffee maker by Barsetto, you can brew 10 cups of coffee at a time, and with three strength control settings and eight coffee grind control grades, you can customize your pot of coffee the way you like it.

It features a cone-shaped burr grinder that ensures fresh, flavorful coffee every time. In addition, you can also program it to brew coffee in advance with the auto-start function, and with the warming plate, coffee can remain warm in the carafe for up to two hours. 

Overall, this product is of great value for money, and a staggering number of customers have commented that the functionality is well worth the price. 

Since this coffeemaker is taller than other models, some customers said it was difficult to fit under their RV kitchen cupboards. So, please check the machine’s dimensions if you are interested.


  • The coffee machine is suitable for large families and multiple travelers.
  • It features three strength control settings and eight grind control grades.
  • It includes a warming plate to keep the coffee warm in the carafe for up to two hours.


  • It’s taller than other models, making it difficult to store.

4. Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer as best Budget RV Coffee Maker Overall

best coffee maker for rv
best coffee maker for RV

If you want a sophisticated tasting cup of coffee for a few dollars, look no further than the Hamilton’s Beach coffee maker.

This coffee maker is simple: you can use one side for one cup and the other for 12 cups for the family. Just switch between the two reservoirs, and the coffee will come fresh from any side.

As for the taste, it has a pleasant quality. Not only this, but you can also even use the K-cup for flavor carving. If you like strong flavored coffee, we recommend that you add more.

Just like other advanced coffee machines, the coffee maker is programmable. It allows you to schedule your coffee according to your needs. The downside, yet, is that the machine itself wants a lot of time to serve you your favorite cup of coffee. Thus, you will need to be patient.

This machine offers both options, but you’ll find that the cup option is easier to use. As per our experience, the taste quality is better on the cup side.

This machine makes it easy to add water that other funny coffee makers miss. In the same way, the water flask will also give you accurate readings.

To clean the machine, you’ve to undergo no mess. However, for cleanliness, it’s recommended that you clean the mesh basket before the end of every cycle. If you cannot do this, you’ll end up finding residue in the cup.


  • The coffee maker is not expensive.
  • It is simple to refill.
  • It offers a nice and pleasant taste.


  • It needs to be cleaned after each use.

5. Hamilton Beach 12-Cup as the Best RV Coffee Maker for the Money

best rv coffee maker
best RV coffee maker

Hamilton Beach is a renowned and most-revered brand for coffee makers. It has a lot of features that make it the best candidate for your RV coffee maker. Let’s have an in-depth look at its features.

One of the best things about this coffee maker that makes it suitable for your RV is that it comes with a front-ill water reservoir and swing-open brew basket. The brew basket is at the front, making it easier to add water and coffee grounds. Its water window provides a simple view to fill the water to the right level.

This RV coffee maker is programmable. So, you can set it up to 24 hours ahead. It can automatically shut itself off after two hours for the peace of mind of a traveler.

This RV coffee pot also comes with a brew strength selector that allows you to choose from regular, bold, and 1-4 cup options. In addition, it also gives you cleaning reminders when it thinks it needs to be cleaned. With its Auto Pause & Pour feature, you can pour yourself a quick cup of coffee.


  • The front-fill water reservoir and swing-open basket aid in an airy experience.
  • You can set it 24 hours ahead.
  • It comes with an auto-shutoff feature.
  • It includes a brew strength selector.
  • You can get a quick cup from it while coffee is still brewing.
  • It brews the coffee at a lower temperature and then heats it using the hotplate.


  • The cord is too short.

6. CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Maker Brewer

Coffee maker for camper van
Coffee maker for camper van

Since it brews at a lower temperature and then uses the hotplate to heat further, the temperature of the quick cup is not up to drinking temperature.

For a coffee maker that has everything your family could want, the Chulux single-serve coffee maker is a perfect choice. It allows you to brew ground coffee, K-cup pods, or even tea or coffee capsules. It means that everyone can get their preferred drink. 

Brewing a cup is just a matter of pressing one button, which makes the entire process easy. In as little as three minutes, the perfect cup of coffee will be ready, making it convenient for RVs and eliminating the need to wait a long time for a good cup of coffee. 

Immediately after the cycle is over, the unit will automatically turn off. The second thing to note is the price of this unit, which is pretty reasonable.

The design of this model gives it an advantage over other products in the market, both in terms of portability and storage. Besides this, the drip tray of the coffee maker is removable. So, you can use different-sized cups or large travel mugs. Since the drip tray is detachable, it is very easy to clean.


  • It features a compact and portable design.
  • The coffee master can brew a cup in as little as three minutes.
  • It’s compatible with K-cups, coffee grounds, and coffee and tea capsules.


  • The drip tray adjustment has a learning curve.

7. Black+Decker 12-Cup as the Best RV Coffee Maker for Large Family

best coffee maker RV
best coffee maker RV

The BLACK+Decker Coffee Maker features a 12-cup glass carafe that can hold up to 60 fluid oz. of coffee. It also comes with state-of-the-art programming features designed to fit seamlessly and conveniently into your RV adventures.

This machine has a quick-touch programming feature that allows you to brew 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It also features a digital control panel that includes rubberized buttons to provide mesmerizing, tactile feedback.

The Black+Decker RV coffee maker is programmable to brew coffee when you wake up in the morning if you set it the night before.

There is also a “Sneak-A-Cup” feature, which allows you to pour a quick cup of coffee by temporarily interrupting the brewing process.

Its hotplate can keep the coffee warm for a long time. So it can be a useful device for late-risers in your family. Also, the two-hour automatic shut-off feature saves energy and prevents the coffee from over-simmering.

If you’re looking for a coffee maker with a capacity that can be set to fit the timing of your RV escapades and keep the entire family warm, the BLACK+DECKER Programmable Coffee Maker is an ideal choice for you.


  • It has a spacious carafe, allowing you to brew 12 cups of coffee at a time.
  • You can program it to prepare cups ahead of time.
  • It comes with a “Sneak-A-Cup” feature.
  • It includes a hotplate to keep the coffee warm.
  • The coffee maker has an automatic shut-off feature.


  • Instead of a stainless steel carafe, it features a glass cafe, making it unsustainable for the rough nature of RV travel.

8. Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker, Single Serve

best coffee maker for rv
best coffee maker for RV

Do you need a simple, instant classic coffee without the fancy design? If yes, Keurig K-Classic is the best coffee maker for your RV.

This coffee maker from Keurig features a simplistic design. It also offers matchless ease of operation. There are no alarms or complicated buttons. So, it is perfect if you are a minimalist.

At a time, the coffee maker can be filled with three different cup sizes of 6, 8, and 10 ounces.

You’ll find that the water tank of this coffee maker is fairly large. In addition, the water reservoir is easy to refill.

The temperature of the water in the Keurig coffee maker is non-adjustable. So, if you dislike extra hot coffee, wait with a cup in your hand.

Keurig coffee makers can annoy you because of the lack of manufacturer instructions. So there’s no way for you to know that either you’ll have to clean the machine or it will stop working.

However, Keurig hosted a series of videos to address all kinds of problems. The sudden stoppage originates from the cleaning problem. Hence, the unit will stop working.


  • The coffee maker’s design is simplistic.
  • It’s complicated to use.
  • It’s a superb choice for classic coffee.


  • No alarm for cleaning.

9. Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee Maker
Mr. Coffee Maker

While it’s not the absolute best RV coffee maker, it’s one of the most advanced and cheaper options available on the market. It can brew a really strong coffee, is easy to use, and takes up minimal counter space in your camper.

It includes a “Grab-a-Cup” auto-pause feature to let you stop the cycle and pour a cup before even brewing is completed. This RV coffee maker also comes with easy cord storage to save you from counter clutter on your RV.

The Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker is made to be as simple as possible without compromising flavor. To your goodness, the indicator on the bottom shows the elapsed time since the coffee was brewed in 30-minute increments. 

It is also easy to program it to brew later without having to look at the instructions. Overall, we found Mr. Coffee to brew the most balanced and approachable everyday coffee, whether we used freshly ground beans or ground beans.


  • It’s a relatively cheaper option.
  • The RV coffee maker has “Grab-A-Cup” auto-pause feature to serve you an instant cup of coffee.
  • The machine includes easy cord storage to prevent counter clutter.
  • It can be programmed.
  • It shows the elapsed time.


  • It might not prove reliable. 

10. Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker, Single Serve RV Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker is compatible with K-cups and is just five inches wide, making it an ideal candidate for an RV.

Its removable water tank allows you to brew four cups of 8 ounces before refilling. With this machine, you can brew an 8, 10, or 12 ounces cup in no time. All you have to do is to push a button.

What makes it exceptionally great for RV travelers is that it includes a removable drip tray to accommodate travel mugs up to seven inches tall. Its auto turn-off feature shuts off the machine five minutes after the last brew to save energy.

It is also compatible with K-cup reusable coffee filters to allow you to brew the coffee ground of your choice.


  • It’s compatible with K-cups and reusable coffee filters.
  • The RV coffee pot has a removable drip tray and water tank.
  • It comes with an auto turn-off feature.


  • The RV coffee maker is less durable.

Final Thoughts on an RV Coffee Maker.

An RV coffee maker is a must-have when you can’t imagine a day without the divine aroma of coffee or no episode of dark, captivating brew out of nutty beans for you. What to do? Follow the link for the coffee maker that you like from our collection. BTW, which one is that?

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