Do you prefer a durable, portable, and extended RV grill table that allows you to cook your barbecue with much ease? What can make the best camping grill table? 

It entirely depends on what you need. For instance, a sleek tabletop with no additive shelves or racks can be the best when you love being minimalist. In contrast, for your complicated cooking, you might need a complete cooking station with a rack, inbuilt sink, or the lamp mount can be better. 

Folding grill table for RV

In the same way, the price can also be your concern. So, what to do? Have a 10 mins read that will get you your favorite folding grill table for RV. Our camping experts have reviewed the best RV grill tables, keeping the real-time users’ feedback in view in this article. Let’s get started with our findings.

1. GCI 15026 Slim Folding RV Grill Table 

GCI 15026 Slim Folding RV Grill Table
GCI Folding RV Grill Table

Do you have any idea how much cooking space you’ll need while grilling at your camping site? If you know little about it, then look at this 15026 table by GCI.

This grilling rack is one of the best outdoor grilling tables with foldable racks, underneath a mesh rack, and a locked tabletop.

The compactness also helps you with storage in your RV. In addition, you can easily unfold it in just 2 seconds and begin your grilling.

The table also has carry handles. Thus, you need not look for a carry bag. 

Then comes the actual performance of this camping cooking table: how much weight can it tolerate? This table is well made and sturdy. Therefore, it can tolerate up to 22 lbs weight practically, though the manufacturers have claimed it 35 lbs. 

Most likely, your camping grills are less than 15 lbs. Here, we’ll also advise you to be on the safer side because it’ll also prevent swings.

The multipurpose design of this cast iron table is also appreciable because it has hooks and racks. Hence, by adding the rest of your kitchen essentials, your table won’t be overburdened; and you can make your BBQs with all your necessities in reach. 

The side racks also have cup or bottle holders. Besides all these, despite having an overall construction of a rust-resistant cast iron powder coated frame, the grill’s top is that of aluminum to help you with easy cleanliness. The very top also bears wetness and heat well. 

Yet, this aluminum surface is slippery. Still, it’s not a big deal because it helps with easy maintenance. In short, this is the best RV grill table at a reasonable price with max utility.


  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Easy to fold/unfold
  • Excellent as a kitchen station


  • Slick countertop surface
  • No packing bag added

2. GCI 15126 as the best Folding Grill Table for RV with Sink 

  GCI Folding Grill Table for RV
GCI Folding Grill Table for RV

Are you a perfectionist? You might need a cooking station with a lamppost and an inbuilt sink as well. We understand well. That’s why we’ve reviewed this 15126 RV grill table by GCI.

Now, you can carry on worry-free late-night BBQs at your camping sites because this versatile grill table features a complete cooking station with storage shelves, racks, side tables, lamp mount, and sink.

Do you think it’s looking complex, and you also doubt its portability? Not true. This table is just a one-unit foldable grill station. Moreover, it doesn’t take much time to unfold.

The weight tolerance on this table makes it unbelievable. You can place up to 100lb of essentials on it, including your tabletop grill, pizza maker, and stove. The towel holder, the racks with cup holders, are also helpful. 

We liked the extendable side table that can be placed over the sink if you don’t want to use it. And, thus you can add an extra space to your camping grill table.

How about the robustness of this table? The table can accompany you with up to 100 BBQ parties. To put it simply, it can last over five years.

Then comes the cleanliness, which is also effortless. 

Wherever there is some complexity, there are challenges too. Therefore, the grill has a few downsides. The height of the grill table is nonadjustable. So, you can either feel it lower or higher. In the same way, the lantern poles’ height is also fixed. 

We don’t think it can be very problematic, especially when you’re not small. 


  • Long-lasting 
  • Airy to set up
  • Versatility in design
  • Easy of cleanliness


  • Costly

3. Cuisinart CFGS-222 Take-Along Folding Grill Table for RV 

portable RV grill table
portable RV grill table

Your brand loyalty wants nothing but an RV grill table that is from Cuisinart. To help you get your folding grill table for camping, we’ve reviewed this table from Cuisinart.

This small grill table is perfect for letting you seat your grill with two side tables and integrated cup holders. The storage shelf is also of great help for you. Similarly, the hooks also allow you to manage your cooking accessories on the spot.

Speaking about the assembly, you need not put in any extra effort or use tools. It will simply stand in seconds.

The table looks sturdy, which it is. It can allow you to keep up to 35 lb weight. The table helps with easy portability through the carry handle. 

This thing by Cuisinart is heavy duty, which is why it also seems heavy to carry. But, simultaneously, it guarantees that the product is of premium quality material, hence the longevity is.

To clean, again, it’s straightforward. 

However, it has got some negative feedback, which is not because of the product itself. Some users have tried to let it in the rain — to welcome rust. But some others didn’t like the careless shipment. 

In a nutshell, the table is outstanding, and any scratches can be because of a faulty shipment.


  • Can withstand heavy usage
  • Moderately versatile
  • Easy to clean and unfold
  • Heavy-duty material


  • Little heavier.

4. Camco Deluxe Folding Grill Table 

folding grill table for RV
folding grill table for RV

Here comes the budget option among the sleek aluminum top tables. This Camco’s table might seem pricey at first glance, yet it’s’ not costly. 

The table’s aluminum top is easy to clean. You can see that the table is small. So, you can have it if you have a mini BBQ grill or mounting stove.

To unfold, this table is effortless. In the same way, the small size and lightweight also make it portable. 

We appreciate the design of this table because it has many hooks to help you arrange your essentials. Moreover, the side tables have been placed a little lower than the mid-table, which properly supports the placement of taller sauce bottles. 

The overall strength of this table is also great. You can easily keep your grill on it. However, the meshed rack is not very sturdy.

Though the tabletop is highly durable because of aluminum material, it does not slip and is heat-resistant. So, you might need a mat.

To sum up, for the price, the RV grill table gets you excellent value.

Do you love it? Take care of this table against wetness; it’ll last much longer.


  • Portable
  • Long-lasting
  • Incredible design with meshed shelf and hooks


  • Side tables are not waterproof

5. Coleman Pack-Away Portable Kitchen

best camping grill table
best camping grill table

“OMG, it looks so intricate!” We thought so, having a look at this table for the first time. Yet, this portable RV grill table with a carry handle and lamp mount is one of the best grill tables for camping.

To assemble the table is simple. Similarly, it’s portable. 

You’ll like the design of this table because it has a vacant grill top which saves you from the hot surface under your grill as they’re common with regular aluminum tabletops.

On the other hand, the side table has a fairly wide area to let you manage your pizza oven or other essentials.

The meshed bottom is also superb to let you dry your pots, cups, and plates after washing, besides handling other gears. 

The top surfaces of the table are water-resistant. Many users had complained about it, and Coleman has improved it.

Overall, it can be an impressive addition to your RV. However, we have figured out several improvements in the table. For instance, it’s not as sturdy as it could be. In addition, as the table is wide, more storage shelves could be there.

In short, for the money, you get excellent value.


  • Good table for RV
  • Portable
  • Set up is not complex. 


  • Cheap material
  • The lamp pole isn’t supportive for heavy lamps

6. Giantex Folding, Portable Aluminum Windscreen Grilling Table

rv grill table
rv grill table

Do you need an ideal and safe grilling station for your camping? Here is the RV grill table by Giantex. It’s a sturdy unit with built-in zip-lock cabinets, a bottom shelf, and a table. 

We value the manufacturer’s care about how the late-night BBQ prevents you from packing your kitchen essentials, and resultantly, the next morning, you can find many missing because some wild guests can sniff for food around your campsite.

When it’s the case, these cabinets help you a lot. And you have not to pack your gears back after a tiresome party.

As this RV camping table is special for your camping at altitudes, the windscreen helps you a lot. Indeed, it’s exceptionally helpful.

As this table is versatile, you might doubt the assembly or portability. This table is easy to set, yet the portability isn’t well facilitated because it’s pretty heavier. The heaviness is justified because of the complexity of the design.

The grill table for RV looks incredible, but it has some significant cons too. For instance, there is an 80% chance that your product comes in good condition. Besides this, you can find it less stable.


  • Complete cooking station or windy areas
  • Excellent storage 
  • Easy to set up 


  • Not breezy portability
  • Not heavy-duty material

7. REDCAMP Folding Portable as the cheap Outdoor Grill Table 

 Folding Portable RV table
Folding Portable RV table

Do you prefer a budget option that does not have a lot of complexity in it? This meshed top grill table for camping is one of the best budget options.

This RV grill table by Red Camp is portable and pocket-friendly.

Let’s begin with the folding ability of this table, which is easy and demands only 30 seconds. It’s because of the weight that many hikers will love to carry this table with them.

When it’s about weight tolerance, the table can simply have your grill on it. Yet, if you think you can place the rest of the essentials on it, it might not be helpful.

You also get size and color options with this table. Thus, you are free to choose further budget options.

How about the shortcomings? They’re many, but only because of being on a budget; here are these.

First, the meshed top is fairly hard to clean. Soon, you’ll see a lot of dirt there. If you still love it, we’ll advise you to use a heatproof mat and use a brush to clean it.

Then comes the construction of this table. This too lightweight table is flimsy because it’s nothing more than a mesh on a steel frame.

In short, if you have studied this review, and you’re ready to compromise, the table is perfect for you.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry
  • Breezy set up
  • The cheapest option


  • Hard to maintain
  • Shaky

Final Thoughts

Your RV grill table can prove a blessing when it completely meets your needs. Among our experts’ picked best grill tables for camping, all are doing best in one or another ground. You can choose any and have a memorable time with your barbecuing. 

Which grill table for camping did you like the best, let us know by commenting below. 

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