Have you begun your search for the best RV ice maker? Then where to go? At an online store, you can find many options with mixed reviews from users. 

It can be pretty hard to decide at any time. Only excellent research can be helpful, which can take hours. Certainly, you haven’t got many hours for it. 

But, we can help you because our experts have thoroughly studied the real-time user’s experience with each of the camping ice makers and picked the best out of them. So, here we begin with the portable ice maker RV review.

Best portable ice maker for RV

1. Frigidaire EFIC189-Silver Compact Ice Maker

 Frigidaire Ice Maker
Frigidaire Ice Maker

The RV ice maker by Frigidaire is one of the top-selling ice makers on Amazon. There are many reasons why this sleek ice maker is getting such an appraisal from the users. Here are the reasons.

With a plastic body, see-through top lid, and a single control button, this machine has a capacity of 1.5l. This ice maker is excellent when it comes to performance. This fastest machine sheds for all the frustration of waiting for minutes. In no time, your drinks are chilled with ice cubes. However, your ice cubes can be a bit wet when out of the machine. 

Then comes the cleanliness, which is airy as the operations are. But, we wished that this machine had the control panel at the top.

For the size, indeed, you need not spare more space in your RV counter. It’s compact and portable. Likewise, you barely feel any disturbance in your surroundings when the machine is at work. It’s quiet.

For all the reasons, it’s an incredible cubes maker. However, its longevity isn’t impressive, as many users have reported the short life of this machine. 

Should you believe it? Yes, but only because of this longevity problem because of the manufacturers’ unclear draining instructions. 

If this machine has caught your attention, we’ll advise you to simply clean it using a towel and not go for the drainage system. In this way, it’ll last longer and make the right choice.


  • Excellent Performance
  • Ease of use
  • Portable design
  • Removable bucket


  • Draining instructions are not good.

2. Igloo ICEB26RR  Portable Ice Maker Machine as the Best RV Ice Maker

Igloo ICEB26RR  Portable Ice Maker
Igloo Portable Ice Maker

“I never want to wait to get my cubes.” When you’re one to be in on time to serve your guests, you can pick this RV ice maker by Igloo. In only 6 minutes, your badge will be ready.

How long are 6 mins? You’ll call it short…. The portable ice maker by Igloo is one of the famous ice machines for its fast ice-making speed. 

It can be your only camping companion during summers to keep on cooling your drinks. The reason is, it can deliver 12 kg of cubes in 24 hours.

Thank our goodness, we didn’t ignore the beautiful design of this RV ice maker. It is perfect to match all types of RV interiors.

The longevity of this machine is also obvious because of its durable material and construction.

The machine has another win. You have to refill it less often as the water residue is 2 liters.

When it’s about the performance, the ice maker is remarkable. You can continuously get ice cubes of two sizes. Just select your desired size from its control panel and let it do its job.

Contrary to many other portable ice makers, this thing has an even cooling system. Consequently, your ice cubes are pretty solid.

The cleanliness of this machine is also airy. It results from a well-engineered drainage system. Hence, your RV is always mess-free

The ice maker also has a less complex drainage system. Therefore, you enjoy carefree maintenance for your machine—no mess in the RV.

That caretaking transparent window of the machine lets you observe the preparation of the ice cubes. In this way, it helps you manage your drinks.

The alarm system of the machine also takes care of water residue. When it runs short of its supply, the alarm system will demand water.

Besides all these virtues, the machine’s 1-years warranty also guarantees the ultimate comfort. Do you want to know the shortcoming of this best ice maker for RV? It hasn’t any.


  • Faster ice making
  • Excellent customer service
  • Silent operation


  • No

3. Euhomy RV Ice Maker for Campsites 

Euhomy RV Ice Maker
Euhomy RV Ice Maker

Are you not ready to compromise on the quality of your ice maker; then what can be the best except this Euhomy RV ice maker?

With an 8-mins ready cube-making process, this North pole gear is a perfect choice for your small camping groups. Not only this but with 24 hours efficiency of this machine is also fantastic with 26 lb overall.

Your ice cubes will come out in just 8 mins while the 24 hours efficiency of the machine is that of 26lb. It is also a power saver. How? An efficient compressor is helpful.

How can we forget appreciating the circulating water system of this buddy? It’s a bonus to keep your machine working with no worries.

Is it portable or compact? If you’re’ one to ask so, the answer is, “yes.” You can place it anywhere in your RV kitchen.

Similarly, it has a removable basket to let you get cubes as soon as they’re ready. OMG, you also think it WOW addition to your camping site because of the responsive customer support.

The magician makes you vigilant. How? The see-through top and control panel help you monitor your ice-making. Not only this, but you can also choose your cube size with its only button.

Likewise is the infrared alarm system, which warns you about water overflowing and cube-making process completion. However, the only downside of the machine is audibility, but we hope you won’t mind it when cute cubes come out of it!


  • Beautiful Design
  • Fantastic performance
  • Infrared alarming system


  • A little noisy

4. Igloo ICEB26HNAQ Portable Ice Maker for RV With Handle

Igloo ICEB26HNAQ Portable Ice Maker
Igloo ICEB26HNAQ Portable Ice Maker

A true portable RV ice maker can be your dream gear when it has a carry handle. Yes, we’re talking about this mountain blue ice maker by IGLOO.

This top ice maker for RV is truly portable. You can carry it anywhere without stressing your arms. No matter how short you’ve to travel, you always wish for a handle like this. Moreover, the machine also has a self-cleaning system to help you with effortless cleanliness.

Do you remember our previous ice machine was a bit noisy? However, it’s not the case with this ice maker by Igloo. The silent alarm system and peaceful machinery are environmentally friendly. Others will only feel its presence seeing the cold cubes floating in their beverages only.

WE WARN YOU! This Ice cube maker is one of the fastest machines. Therefore, you have also to be the quickest to get out your ice cubes, lest they should melt.

Everything is fine, then what’s the shortcoming? Once there is a power failure, the machine will need to be reset again.


  • Designed for portability
  • Self-cleaning system
  • Quiet alarming 


  • Reset call after it regains powers.

5. CROWNFUL Ice Maker Machine for Countertop


You never want to have a squeaky machine in our kitchens. Why be loud when everything can be done silently? With a mission of developing calm machines, the CROWNFUL has come up with this camping ice machine. If you think it’s silent, correct yourself because it is also productive in ice making.

Plug it and press the “on” button of your machine to obediently begin making as many ice cubes as you need.

Though the machine is classy, yet the cube turnaround is relatively slow. You have to wait for at least 8 minutes. Still, it can make you 12-13 kg of ice.

You know what, complaints about softened ice are common with the ice machines. But, this machine by CROWNFUL doesn’t let the ice melt; it has an alarm system to call you immediately.

If you are more likely to complain about the ice cube’s size, be mindful, it’s not the machine’s fault. Instead, the surrounding temperature will be the factor to impact the ice cube’s density. 

By getting this machine, you’ll simply invite peace of mind. How? The 1-year warranty by the manufacturers and active customer support is superb.


  • Noise-free
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Excellent control through an alarming system


  • The machine is a little sensitive to outer temperatures.

6. AGLUCKY Countertop Ice Maker Machine, Compact Automatic Ice Maker

AGLUCKY Countertop RV Ice Maker
AGLUCKY Countertop RV Ice Maker

Here is another best RV ice maker reviewed by our Experts. It’s an ice machine by AGLUCKY with a silky design.

This lightweight and portable machine is fit for your RV kitchen being compact. The top-load, clear window makes it convenient. In the same way, like other top camping ice machines, it has ease of control. The alarm system is vigilant to play its role when you’re busy with your drinks’ preparation.

How about the water refill call? The alarm system again helps you.

You might not love this machine because the cleaning system is manual. So, if you think that you’ll not need to clean this machine manually, don’t believe so. No matter what ice machine you get for your RV, manual cleaning is inevitable.

Noise? How can we forget about it? Be happy; this cube master is almost silent. Hence, your money gets perfect value.


  • The design is catchy. 
  • Overall performance is marvelous.
  • Silent LED alarm system.


  • Only manual cleaning works

7. Igloo ICE B26BK Ice Maker Machine For RV

Igloo ICE B26BK Ice Maker Machine For RV
Igloo ICE Machine For RV

 The blackest black Igloo machine is here to surprise you with its excellent performance on your RVs. With a top see-through window and top control panel, this cube maker is selling like a hot cake. You might ask, “why?”

Don’t worry, we’ll explain it here. This solid-looking camping gear is portable and a space saver. Hence, you can easily palace it wherever you want and make it do its job.

THIS IS SIlent. Want to know how? The modern design with a well-built system keeps the noise away to make it less noticeable in your neighborhoods.

In the same way, again, like other advanced machines of this era, this portable machine has a cleaning system. So, you end your party without hectic cleaning.

For the performance, of course, it’s as reliable as the design is. In no time, your cubes are ready to dissolve in your beverages.

To sum up, close your eyes, and hit the get button, you’ll be happy with your machine. But, remember when the performance is wowwww, don’t care about its reset call if the power is disconnected.


  • Portable
  • No noise
  • LED alarming 
  • Superb performance


  • The power disconnect results in a reset

Best RV Ice Maker: Our Finding

Among our 7 best RV ice makers, all are the top performers. Only a few are less competent either for being noisy or not much portable. However, overall, the Igloo ICEB26RR is the best RV ice maker. You also find some budget options here.

But to help you make the right choice with more confidence, we’ll share our breakdown of ice maker’s selection standards and what you should ignore.

  • The time has come when you should stop comparing ice makers with freezers. As soon as the time is over, the machine will stop cooling, and you’ll have to get the ice cubes out. Otherwise, they will melt.
  • The insulation of ice makers is also not similar to the freezers. It’s the reason they can’t help with the melting.
  • Never care about the product price when it comes with a good warranty. So, have one that brings you a 1-2 years warranty.
  • Auto-cleaning can be captivating, but it’s’ not the main feature that you should rely on. Ultimately you have to clean your machine manually.

Hence, by being realistic with your RV ice maker, you can end a years’ comfort.


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